Seared scallops, celery fondant, and pumpkin broth

Written by FDM

Serge Jost, executive chef of the Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech brilliantly conceives this scallops recipe with rich tastes and flavors.


– 800 g of scallops

– 2 kg of pumpkin

– 150 g shallots

– 80 g celery root

– 50 g squash seeds

– 100 g of Parmesan cheese

– Fresh almonds

– 150 g of cream

– 8 g of Agar

– 80 g of butter

– 2 g of salt

– 10 g of olive

– 10 g of cumin

– 10 g of edible flowers


Peel the pumpkin, cut 12 rounds of 4 cm diameter and 1 cm thick each. Mark them on the grill and finish baking in the oven.
Take the trimmings of the pumpkin and fry them with shallots in oil, add the ground cumin, wet with water. Once cooked, mix to obtain a grout.
Cook the celeriac in the cream with the fresh almonds, mix to obtain a mash (purée), add the Agar to bind, then the parmesan and pour into molds, reserve in the cold.
Sear the scallops on both sides, cook delicately. Gently warm the celery cupcakes. Arrange the pumpkin slices on the plate with the scallops, add the butter pumpkin sauce and pour into the plate. Finish the presentation with squash seeds and edible flowers.

By Khadija Alaoui.