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Sbagha Bagha Festival hits the walls of Casablanca for fifth Edition

Written by FDM

For the fifth consecutive time, the Sbagha Bagha festival will bring color to some buildings of Casablanca and will, for this edition, from June 25 to July 1, put on a rich, engaged and participative program, to raise awareness among the Casablanca locals about street arts.

Street art is still on the rise in Casablanca. Four confirmed Moroccan and international confirmed artists will adorn the blank walls of the white city namely the Belgian ROA , the Canadian DANAE , the Mexican-American WERC and the Moroccan Ed Oner.

Mural painting of the emblematic places of the city, from Boulevards Zerktouni, Moulay Youssef and Anfa in the old medina to the Rivieria district, will be seen following the theme of this edition: the preservation of fauna and flora, in gradual disappearance in the economic capital.

These artists, who have in common the exploration, the appropriation and the reinterpretation of the animal world, will have for mission to reintegrate animal figures in the city, and perhaps to encourage reflection on the future of the microcosm of Casablanca’s urban environment.