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Saudi rapper celebrates women’s right to drive in viral video

Written by FDM

A viral video shows a Saudi female rapper, Leesa A, celebrating the ban lift on women driving in the conservative country. The video is called “We Are Driving”.

Freedom of driving is a big deal. The world has been hailing a historic achievement ever since Saudi women were granted that right on June 24. Among them is Leesa A, who composed a song the same day of the first driving licenses’ distribution.

Leesa celebrated the glory of the historic 10/10 date. “You seem to forget that today is the 10th, that means there are no taxis,” she says, referring to the 10 Shawwal, the tenth month of the lunar-based Islamic calendar. “I’m not kidding, today I can drive. The steering wheel in my hands, the pedals under my foot.

Leesa also offered safety advice to women driving on busy roads, stressing the importance of buckling up.

A week after its release, the video accounts for nearly a million views on YouTube, and more than 600,000 on Instagram. A record for the Saudi singer.