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Saudi girl driving in the latest Coca-Cola ad 

 Coca-Cola’s new advertising campaign, broadcasted since November 2nd throughout the Middle East, sees a father teaching his daughter how to drive in Saudi Arabia.

It is the story of a father who switches seats with his daughter, before giving her the keys to turn on a vintage red car. He teaches her how to drive. So far, nothing stands out except for the place …

The scene, imagined by Coca Cola in its latest advertising campaign, takes place in Saudi Arabia, a country that will allow women to drive starting  from June 2018, as announced   King Salman on September 26. A historic decision since Saudi Arabia is the last state in the world to prohibit women from driving.

This landmark decree has inspired the American giant of soft drinks to celebrate in a video, which was shared on the beverage company’s YouTube channel,  and launched under the hashtag #ChangeHasATaste.