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Saudi comedy show sparks anger in Morocco for “Pleasure marriage” perception

Written by FDM

Saudi comedy show “Shir Chat”, sparked a wave of anger and condemnation among Moroccans following an episode portraying Marrakech as a capital for “pleasure marriage.”

In an episode dubbed “Marrakech, the last trip” broadcasted by Saudi TV channel SBC, the show features Morocco and especially Marrakech as a destination for three fun seekers trying to have pleasure marriages with Moroccan women.

The episode shows the three married Saudi men arriving in Morocco after they had lied to their Saudi wives, claiming that they are going to perform Umrah.
The husbands, however, found themselves the victims of their wives, who already knew their plan. The wives plotted a fabricated abduction with the help of a Moroccan woman in order to get the money their husbands wanted to spend on “pleasure marriage” in Morocco.

The episode was met with intense backlash on social media from Moroccans and Saudis alike for “tarnishing the reputation of Morocco and Moroccan women.”

A Moroccan user named Lilith said the show portrays Morocco as “a niche or a market for female slaves. What made matters worse was to portray it as an agreement with Moroccan families and to target the rural ones.” She added that “the question is: how was the shooting of such a scrpit was allowed on the homeland” in the first place.

A Saudi Twitter user wrote: “Imagine a Moroccan series showing Moroccan [men] bringing 20 Saudi women to choose between them. (..) This is what the Shir Chat series is doing.”

Meanwhile, some Saudis on Twitter offered an apology to the Moroccan people, saying the series insulted both Moroccans and Saudis. Badr al-Habiri wrote: “Abuse of the country of Morocco and ill-treatment of the Saudi man, a repetitive image, the Saudi man travels to mess things up. No show has ever portrayed a better image to the media.”