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 Saudi band celebrates women driving legislation with a rock song

The news about the decree issued this month allowing Saudi women to drive amassed an international and world wide attention that this band had no choice but to sing about it.

Saudi musicians Hasan Hatrash, Khalid Sharani, Amro Hawari and Amir Abbas released a rock anthem titled ‘Saudi Girls Will Drive’ in support of the new decision. The Jeddah-based band ‘Most of Us’ chose to tackle the matter with a tone of « purpose rather than rebellion » they told Saudi Gazette. « We wanted to be responsible with our content and message and inspire women to really shine in an independent rather than a rebellious nature, » they continued.

The video starts with a scene showing two Saudi men sitting in the backseat of an SUV, as a Saudi woman drives them to a studio where they start their performance. The band said that the « whole point was to celebrate the new legislation and the possibilities it brings not only for women but our society as a whole, » according to Saudi Gazette.