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Saudi Arabian Sama Jad wins Arab Top Chef Title

Written by FDM

For the first time in its history, the title Top Chef of the Arab Region went toa woman chef: Sama Jad from Saudi Arabia. 

The fourth season of the “Top Chef” program broadcasted on MBC1 was a first. Indeed, the final phase was disputed for the first time by two young women: Tala Bashmi from Bahrain and Sama Jad from Saudi Arabia.

The latter took away the title, in addition to a 375,000 SAR award, a participation in the HORECA 2020 exhibition, a residency in Britain and another in Berlin, the “science prize and knowledge ‘of the food safety diploma program in The Royal Environmental Health Authority in London, etc.

“I have dreamed of this moment since the start of the season … I invite each young Saudi woman to show determination, challenge, and strength and to work towards achieving their dreams, and not to let anything get in their way “she said.