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Saudi Arabia: “Dancing or shimmying is forbidden” in Tamer Hosny’s concert

Written by FDM

As Saudi Arabia prepares to host Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny for the first time on March 30th, a written instruction on the tickets has sparked the laughter of many Internet users.

“Dancing is strictly prohibited during the concert,” reads the ticket of the upcoming concert in Jeddah witch made the rounds online for its bizarre condition.

On top of this rule, a whole list of instructions was communicated to the fans, who were also informed that abiding by them is a must: Men and women will be seated in different section of the arena, smoking is strictly prohibited indoors along with snacks, kids under 12 are denied entry, modest attire is required.

That’s when jokes and sarcasm broke loose about how the night is going to unfold with such conditions to be implemented.  “You can attend with your heart full of faith and respect” wrote one Twitter user. “It’s like putting snow under the sun and asking it not to melt”, another commented on the dancing and shimmy rule.

Saudi Arabia has recently taken huge steps forward with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s initiatives to modernize the kingdom. At present, the kingdom spend billions of dollars every year to see movies and visit recreational parks in nearby tourist centers like Dubai. The kingdom is also set to host a fashion show from March 26 to 31 in Riyadh, as part of a “to drive growth in the sector.”