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Sarah Perles stars in Spanish series “Le Cid” by Jose Velasco

Written by FDM

The first season of the original Spanish series “Le Cid” will be available from December 18th. The Moroccan-Portuguese actress, Sarah Perles, plays alongside Jaime Lorente, one of “Casa de Papel” stars.

Actress Sarah Perles, known for her role in “Sofia” by Meryem Benm’Barek, stars in the Spanish original series “Le Cid” by Jose Velasco for Amazon Prime Video, the first season of which will be unveiled on December 18th.

She plays the role of an Arab princess named Amina who is in love with the main character, the Cid, who is played by Jaime Lorente, the actor who played Denver in “Casa de Papel”.

In this series, we follow the political intrigues and bloody battles of the hero from the Reconquista, medieval nobleman and knight, who thus marked the history of Spain, while winning the admiration and respect of all.