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Sanaa Erraqas’ “Lonely Walk” at the Shart Gallery (photos)

Written by FDM

In her “Promenade solitaire” (Lonely Walk), at the Shart gallery, she invites us to observe her perception of the world, hesitant and refusing perfection, while mastering colors and depths, they are freeze frames, a frank observation of our singularities.

Essentially composed of paintings and drawings, the exhibition entitled “Promenade solitaire” echoes the work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau “Rêveries du promeneur solitaire”, a series of reflections by the writer on the nature of man and his mind.

Contemplative, the works of Sanae Arraqas call for relative isolation and produce a form of empathy, an invitation to a way of thinking. With a sure hand and a solid technique, Sanae Arraqas travels through the dawn and the twilight while protecting herself from the blinding light, the invasive evidence, and the real human presence.
Exhibition until March 7, 2020, Galrie Shart, 23 rue di October 6, Racine Casablanca.