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Samira Yassni Jirari appointed permanent representative of PASOCI

Written by FDM

Samira Yassni Jirari, the Moroccan woman who fights for women’s rights in the African Parliament of Civil Society (PASOCI), has just been appointed permanent representative of this pan-African institution.

A great promotion for Moroccan Samira Yassni Jirari. She has been appointed Permanent Representative of the African Parliament of Civil Society to the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights of the African Union.

A nomination known on Monday after holding the extraordinary meeting of its executive committee in Lome.  Samira Yassni Jirari was, as of yet, head of the Women’s Commission and International Relations Officer of the same organization, which has special status with the UN.

PASOCI is a group of elected representatives of civil society representing all member countries of the African Union (AU). It addresses the socio-economic and political problems specific to the African continent, development axes and respect for human rights and also proposes strategies for the promotion of good governance and democratic institutions.

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