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Samira Said wishes to move back to Morocco

Written by FDM

In an interview with the magazine Sayidati , the Moroccan diva Samira Said said that she would definitely return to Morocco when she’s « advanced in age » to live with her family and her loved ones.

While she might be keeping her personal and professional ties in Egypt, where her artistic activities will take place, the singer who has been living in Egypt since the beginning of her career, in 1980s, revealed that she decided to return to her home country once she advances in age. « I have matured and I need to go back to live with my family. I have reached the age where one needs to be constantly surrounded by one’s close ones and friends.” She previously told newspaper Al Ittihad Al Ichtiraki back in 2014.

Asked about her recent projects by Sayidati , the diva says she has started preparing for a new album that will succeed Ayza Aich, released in 2015. The later « was delayed because of the safety problems in the Arab world as well as the poor conditions of production companies, » she said.

The Moroccan star also claimed to have maintained her modesty and faithfulness to herself throughout her career.  » For me, any artistic work that pleases my audience is enough to make me happy, » she said. « I behave like any ordinary person. I do what I have to do myself, I go out to buy my things and I take care of my house. I do not like vanity, « she continued.

Being rich has never been one of her concerns, « If I ever stop singing, I will have enough to live off for the rest of my life  » she told the magazine.