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 Samia Haimoura is the youngest Moroccan to reach Kilimanjaro summit

Written by FDM

Freshly graduating Al Akhawayn University, Samia Haimoura was able, at the age of 23, to stick the Moroccan flag in the high summit of Kilimanjaro (5895m) in Tanzania. She, thus, became the youngest Moroccan to have climbed the highest mount in Africa.

Sponsored by Al Akhawayn University, Samia’s journey lasted for seven days and was done in several stages. The extreme sports enthusiast accompanied by a team of porters; guides and cooks, finally reached the top with great efforts.

“This experience has taught me to be grateful for the simplest things,” she said. “It started with a lot of excitement and it ended with a great sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction, but the most important steps, the ones we rarely talk about, are those that are between the beginning and the end.” she continued.

When asked about her plans over the next couple of years, the mountaineer said she wishes to climb six more peaks namely Mount Elbrus in Europe, Mount Denali in North America, Mount Aconcagua in South America, Mount Vinson in Antarctica and Mount Kosciusko in Australia.

Following her graduation from university, Samira Haimoura started her company Securella GmbH operating in Internet Services in Germany. Her dream being mainly to contribute in the creation of smarter cities with a higher level of urban safety through the power of technology. Such an inspiration!