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Saidia hosts a tribute to those involved in the fight against Covid-19

Written by FDM

The painter Abdelkader Belbachir pays tribute to those involved in the fight against the Coronavirus (Covid-19) in his exhibition hanging on the cornice of Saidia.

During his exhibition, Abdelkader Belbachir presented a 12-meter-long canvas, produced alongside young people from the Maison de l’Artiste de Taourirt which he directs, in tribute to the ones in the front lines of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) fight.  Among them are the medical core, security services, and the local authorities.

For the painter, this exhibition symbolizes the continuity of artistic creation during the Covid-19 crisis, just as it offers the opportunity to raise awareness of the fight against this virus under the theme “art faces the pandemic”. Also, in his speech, the regional director of Oriental Culture, Mountassir Loukili, stressed that this exhibition shows that artists and creators are also mobilized to face, at their level, this epidemic, by putting their creativity in the service of raising awareness about the means of prevention against this epidemic.
As a reminder, the Department of Culture provides support to artists in this difficult situation, in particular through the support program for cultural professionals, which involves a call for artistic projects for a global envelope of MAD 39 million.

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