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Sahraouiya, all-women challenge that radiates solidarity

Written by FDM

And here we go again for an extraordinary adventure. Sahraouiya returns from February 2nd to 9th in Dakhla and signs her 5th edition. An all-women raid with teams from Morocco, France, Palestine and the entire African continent.

“This is a sporting event that promotes sharing and solidarity”, stressed Laila Ouachi, organizer of Sahraouiya, at the press conference organized on January 15 during the presentation of the 5th edition of this all-women meeting.
This year again, the  godmother is none other than Aicha Ech-chenna. Indeed, it was unthinkable for Laila Ouachi not to have by her side this great lady who has been fighting for years for single mothers through her Association Solidarité féminine (ASF). In addition to receiving a portion of donations collected, the association of Aicha Ech-chenna will be, once again, represented by several teams. Because the goal of Sahraouiya is to allow any committed woman to live an unprecedented sporting and human experience in Dakhla wearing the colors of the association of her choice. Thus, the actresses of the troupe “Takoon” known for their famous rendition of “Bnat Lalla Menana” will be among the participants and will once again support the association of Amis Du Rubon Rose, helping women with breast cancer.
Women from around the world
This year’s edition will have a high proportion of African teams, ie students and women of influence such as Angela Kwemo. Indeed, the founder and president of “Believe in Africa” ​​- working for the promotion of Africa – and Africa’s managing director of “Washington Media Group” returns for the second year in a row. Other sportswomen with a big heart include Superwomen from Guinea, Kenya, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, and Palestine. From Morocco, five teams from Laayoune will be on the starting line. Steel-minded women since they will have to qualify on January 19 at the interregional final in Laayoune. Sure, Sahraouiya is more than sport!