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Sahraouiya kicks-off its 6th call to anchor the spirit of solidarity 

Written by FDM

The women’s solidarity sports challenge “Sahraouiya” is kicking-off again for the 6th time from February 8 to 15, 2020 in Dakhla, Morocco.

A hundred women of different nationalities and representing more than 50 women’s associations responded to the call of nature from Dakhla. They are coming from Cameroon, Congo, Ghana, Rwanda, Mali and South Sudan. French, Swiss, Panamanian and Saint Lucian teams also responded to this sporting event.

Alongside the usual Godmother of the event since the first edition, Ms. Aicha Chenna, (Solidarité Feminine association), “Sahraouiya” also welcomes this year a new exceptional French Godmother. She is the French sports journalist and television host working for the beIN Sports channel since 2013, Ane Laure Bonnet, who will participate with her teammate Marine Thiery, to support the “Childrensaid” Association for the Defense of Social Rights. On this occasion, Sahraouiya will support this association.

In the same spirit of solidarity, the association of  Amis du Ruban Rose, which supports women with breast cancer, has joined the “Sahraouiya” momentum since 2016, to become one of the associations supported annually by this challenge and with the added bonus of the participation of teams from its ranks.
Thus, the actresses of the “Takoon” troupe known for their famous interpretation of “Bnat Lalla Menana” will be among the participants in this edition.

Further, donations will be allocated to social actions through, on the one hand, a crowdfunding operation carried out with all the participants during the event, for the benefit of a social establishment in Dakhla, and on the other hand, the distribution of financial endowments to the Solidarité feminine association, to the Pink Ribbon association and to the 3 associations of the winning teams in the challenge.

Highlight of the 2020 edition: Sahraouiya launches “Sahraouiya for solidarity”, a social platform for solidarity commitment with a program of events throughout the year 2020. Events to live and bring solidarity together and carry loud and clear solidarity commitment everywhere in Morocco and elsewhere!

On the program: inspiring shows, lively concerts, stimulating debates, and new meetings and numerous events to build a more united world!