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Sahraouiya 2020: closing ceremony under the sign of love and emotion (photos)

Written by FDM

After 6 days of competition and a Crowdfunding operation, the participants in the Sahraouiya challenge met on the evening of Friday, February 14th, to announce the winners and celebrate the beneficiary associations.

The French duo “Be Raid’y for cami” composed of Salomé Raffi and Elise Pollini won hands down the 9th edition of the Sahraouiya Women’s Solidarity Raid held in Dakhla from 8 to 15 February.

It’s worth mentioning that the French duo won the 5th and last stage of the competition consisting, among other things, of a 3km event, an orienteering race at Dragon Island of 3km, before canoeing for 2km, followed by a 3km trail, and finally mountain biking on an 18km race.

Meantime, the team “Phosboucra 4″ came second, it is composed of Maryam Massoudi and Maryam Kharbouchi, followed by the duo “Malwanda”, consisting of Ernestine Umubyeyi and Aichata Ousmane Yattara. Other awards were distributed to several other participants.

Note that the pairs who took part in this sporting and feminine challenge defended the colors of an association to which they will donate their winnings.
The closing ceremony of Sahrauiya 2020 took place in the presence of local authorities and Aïcha Ech-chenna, godmother of Sahraouiya.