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Sahar Seddiki, Mohcine Malzi, and Saida Baadi in new movie “Taxi Bied”

Written by FDM

On February 20, Moncef Malzi’s first feature film was released in Moroccan theaters! The film features a line-up of big-screen stars including Mohamed Khiyari, Sahar Seddiki, Anas El Baz, Hassan Foulane, Mohcine Malzi, and Saida Baadi.

The script is the result of a collaboration between this young director and actor Youssef Aït Mansour. With a duration of 1:36, this comedy-drama tells the laughter, the joys and the weaknesses of a group of people gathered by a funny and improbable combination of circumstances in a White Taxi.

It’s the story of Said, a young police officer, who has long been tracking Bouaouina, the most dangerous drug dealer in the region. While he was on his way to a suspicious case, he collided with a big Taxi whose driver is Allal, driving the passengers, Mounia a young nurse in love with the policeman Said, Nouhe a teacher and Haj Ibrahim, a retired force auxiliary.

Taken hostage to transport the merchandise of the dealer, the passengers of the Taxi will spend the worst misadventure of their life. Said will do whatever he can to save the Taxi’s passengers …

Produced by Louzin Film Industry the film is screened from February 20 in the following cities: Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, Fez, Meknes, Tetouan, and Tangier.