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The royal pardon granted to Hajar Raissouni

Written by FDM

Thrilling news. King Mohammed VI granted a pardon to Hajar Raissouni who was sentenced to one year in prison for “consent to have an abortion by others” and “sexual intercourse out of wedlock”.

This royal pardon was announced this Wednesday, October 16 in a statement from the Ministry of Justice relayed by the MAP. The other convicts in this case, including the fiance of Hajar Raissouni and her doctor, were also pardoned.

“This grace is part of the compassion and mercy granted by the Sovereign and the concern of HM the King to preserve the future of the two fiancés who planned to found a family in accordance with religious precepts and the law, despite the mistake they made and that led to this lawsuit,” the statement said.

On social networks, a flood of opinions aroused.  Some netizens rejoiced at the news appreciating this royal step to find a middle ground; while others still demand the young journalist to be declared innocent.

Meanwhile, the movement ‘outlaws’, initially triggered by this case, is still ongoing and is launching its first action: Two letters, one addressed to Attorney General of the King and another one to  President of HACA.

As a reminder, the verdict of the court of the first instance of Rabat was pronounced on September 30, less than a month after the opening of the trial on September 2. The defendants had been arrested on the 30th of August. The defense expected to appeal.