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Rose Léon, the new generation of high-end and eco-responsible pastry    

Written by Amal Asebriy

Rose Léon is the new “high-end pastry” boutique to open its doors in Casablanca, under the management of a young entrepreneur named Fatine Rahhou who invited us to her atelier. Highlights in photos.  

The desserts offered by Rose Léon have the particularity of being both gourmet and light, inspired by the great French traditional pastry with a Moroccan twist. Innovative creations handled by manager: Fatine Rahhou, a very dynamic and ambitious young entrepreneur.

“We want to reconcile Moroccans with pastry, offering good products, gourmet but also light, by dosing on the sugar and fat ingredients thanks to new developed techniques”, summarizes Fatine Rahhou, a project she has been carrying since 2016.

Previously, this 27-year-old woman specialized in hotel management, and worked in New York, Dubai and Morocco, after completing management studies at École Hôtelière de Lausanne. “It is one of the best in the world, ” said this young woman who very soon ended up identifying her inclination for hospitality management  and her passion for pastry.

Her project seems even more promising as she partnered up with Australian chef Richard Hawke whom she worked with to revisit the great French delicacies by introducing flavors of the kingdom. For instance, the famous “Neroli Divine”, which is a Choux pastry stuffed with aerial ganache made from orange blossoms, orange marmalade  and almond praline.

Aside from being eco-responsible, the boutique promises to suit all kinds of diets. Those intolerant to lactose or gluten are not to be forgotten. “Being allergic does not mean we’re not a connoisseur” Fatine said.

The biggest challenge that remains for Fatine,  is to make a name for herself in Casablanca, with prices ranging  between MAD 22 and MAD 30 , then in Morocco before hitting the international scope.  ” What we have come up with is really unique ,” she insists.