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“On the road to change”: heartfelt web-series gives voice to Moroccan women victims of violence

Written by FDM

In light of the 16 days of activism against gender based violence, the European Union in Morocco is seizing social networks to launch its web series “On the road to change ” with the hashtag #HearMetoo.

A glimpse of hope is what this web-series is projecting. Thanks to these videos, the voices of women and girls who have been subjected to violence are finally heard in strong and poignant testimonies.

In a first video posted last November 26, Nezha, a young woman from Meknes who was abused by her mother-in-law recounts how she was rehabilitated and confidently declares: “Today, I can walk with my head up”. Her social reintegration was possible thanks to the help of associations.

Whether they have suffered from physical, economic, psychological or sexual violence, women and girls take the lead to trace their path to a better life. They also talk about life-changing encounters, about the women and men who hosted them, cared for them, helped them and listened to them in order to help them get into the job market.

#HearMeToo refers to the slogan of this year’s UN campaign. Like #Metoo, it highlights victims and associations working to defend women’s rights. Produced in several regions of Morocco, the web-series was shot between 2015 and 2017 thanks to the collaboration of partner associations of the European Union “for the implementation of projects to fight violence against women, the realization awareness campaigns on women’s rights and advocacy for equality as part of the EU support program to the Government Plan for Equality “, as highlighted by