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Rizlen Zouak on the ring for the MMA World Champion title fight

Written by FDM

Rizlen Zouak is preparing for an exceptional feat. After starting her career less than a year ago in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), the French-Moroccan athlete is already in the final of the championship! The fight is scheduled for May 26.

The MMA called her the “Lioness of the Atlas”. The French-Moroccan sportswoman Rizlen Zouak who made her first steps in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) in June 2017, will get in the ring, on May 26, to try to win the famous title of champion of MMA !

Against her, the South African Amanda Lino, an equally extraordinary athlete who counts only one loss in her career against a French, as explained on the website of the French Mixed Martial. In August 2015, while playing her second professional fight, the South African defeated Isabelle Paré. Today, Rizlen Zouak and Amanda Lino, the two MMA Superwomen, can not wait to win this fight. Rizlen Zouak is all the more motivated that no French-Moroccan ahd ever won the MMA belt. This former judo champion, who was Morocco’s first judokate selected for the 2012 Olympic Games, has a mind of steel!