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Rizlen Zouak nominated for the Extreme Fighting Championship awards

Written by FDM

Rizlen Zouak, the French-Moroccan who has made a name for herself in the MMA (mixed martial art) field, has just been nominated for the Extreme Fighting Championship 2017 awards.

It is in the category ” KO of the year ” as well as ” Freshman of the year ” that the  sportswoman Rizlen Zouak has just been nominated for the Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC) Awards, which  should come as no surprise considering the numerous achievements this young woman has made.

In her first fight as a MMA athlete last June, she had already made quite an impact. She had beaten Leah McCourt, the former world and amateur European MMA champion, while the predictions felt that Rizlen Zouak had very little chance of winning. Her mental  is her strength, as is her dedication in training.

After this incredible victory, the Cage Warriors commentators had even announced that ” a star was born ” that day. They were right. Because on December 16, she even knocked out her rival Jacqualine Trosee in just 27 seconds in the first round of the Extreme Fighting Championship tournament (EFC 66).

The young fighter is also known for her many victories in judo. Because before embarking on the MMA, she was judo champion. She even participated in the Olympic Games twice: in London in 2012 where she was the first Moroccan judoka to be qualified, and in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.