Rivera salad the Bazz’art way

Written by FDM

Today’s recipe comes right out of Novotel Marrakech’s kitchen (Bazz’art lounge). Proposed by Chef Zouhair Moudrika, the dish is a blast of vitamins combined together in the form of a vegetables salad which promises an explosion of tastes and flavors.

Ingredients (for 4 people)

– 1 sheet of puff pastry
– 300 g of black olive
– 500 g carrots
– 500 g of zucchini
– 500 g broccoli
– 200 g Brussels sprouts
– 200 g cherry tomatoes
– 500 g of peas
– 500 g of beans
– 500 g green beans
– 200 g shallots
– 200 g leeks
– 400 g of fennel
– Quail eggs
– Extra virgin olive oil
– Salt and pepper


Puff pastry : Using a roller pin, roll out the puff pastry regularly to obtain a sheet of 1 cm high. Bake the latter covered with a rack or white beans (to prevent swelling). Then cut rectangles evenly and keep them at room temperature.

Black olive tapenade: grind the black olives with a knife, crush the cloves of garlic, drain the anchovy fillets and dry them on paper towels. Mix these ingredients with the capers and a drizzle of olive oil.

Vegetables preparation: peel the vegetables and cut them in a regular way, cook them all in boiling salted water. Stop cooking vegetables in ice water, drain and arrange on paper towels.

Virgin sauce : In a bowl, combine peas and cooked and shelled beans, cherry tomatoes cut in 4, black olives, lime zest and a drizzle of virgin olive oil.

Finishing and dressage

In a bowl, mix the vegetables, season with salt and ground pepper, adding olive oil and tarragon vinegar.

Using a decorating bags, place the cottage cheese and tapenade on top of the puff pastry, arrange vegetables and quail eggs already cooked. Finish the dressing of your plate with beet shoots, arugula leaves and fresh herbs.