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Rita Alaoui’s invitation to a world of her own through “Venus d’Ailleurs” exhibition

Written by FDM

Starting October 4th, “Venus d’Ailleurs” exhibition by Moroccan artist, Rita Alaoui, will run until November 3rd, at the Villa Delaporte. Exhibition opening in pictures.

Starting from a misaligned gaze and an observation of nature touching its limits, Rita Alaoui proposes to rethink our intertwining with the world and to take the path of repair.

“In the Villa Delaporte setting, Rita Alaoui invites us to an encounter with an “elsewhere” so close that our blindness of eager urban dwellers no longer allows us to appreciate it. Gleaning, at the whim of chance, natural litter and imperceptible scrapes, Rita populates her cabinet with curiosities of familiar oddities. With the care of a real collector, “an arranger of worlds”, name given to the owners of antique cabinets, the artist conceives for them a new continent.” Reads a statement by Yasmina Bouzid.

Exhibition : “Venus d’Ailleurs” at Villa Delaporte, 6 Rue Du Parc, Casablanca. From October 4-November 3.