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Rim Laabi to decode works of art at the Artorium of Casablanca 

Written by FDM

Art specialist, Rim Laabi, will meet the public on May 10 at the Artorium art space in Casablanca to offer a wide range of tools that help to decode a work of art.

Each work of art tells a unique story that is sometimes difficult to pin down. Because who has never wondered what is each piece? Or what means did the artist use to arouse such emotion? And when was it made? Thursday, May 10, at 6pm, the doctor of plastic arts and art sciences, Rim Laabi, will be able to answer all of these questions and give us the keys to savor a work of art while scrutinizing every detail whether in hung paintings or posed sculptures.

Rim Laabi is a recognized specialist who studied at the Sorbonne in Paris. She is both a visual artist and professor of history of art and ideas at the Department of French Language and Literature in the Faculty of Humanities of Rabat. Since 2008, she’s been also a member of the National Committee for the Preparation of Nominations of Moroccan Documents in the Memory of the World Register of Unesco. In short, don’t miss the appointment to know the riches that abound in each work!