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Refreshed Langoustine with tapioca pearl

Written by FDM

Do you enjoy cooking like a chef? put yourself to the test by making this delicious recipe proposed by Chef Salim Ait Ezzine from Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay.



–  1 langoustine
–  Olive oil
–  ‘Fleur de sel’, freshly ground pepper


–  20 g of tapioca
–  10 cl of passion juice

Black mayo-garlic emulsion

–  1 egg yolk
–  25 cl of grapeseed oil
–  1 tsp. tablespoon of mustard
–  25 g of black garlic
–  10 cl of fresh creme
–  Salt, pepper

Winter salad

–  1 piece of red batavia
–  1 piece of yellow endive
–  20 g of lamb’s lettuce
–  10 g of shallot
–  2 petals of candied tomato
–  15 g of papaya


Shell the langoustine, season with ‘fleur de sel’, freshly ground pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil. Reserve in the fridge.
Tapioca: cook the tapioca for 3 min in boiling salted water and immediately immerse it in the boiling passion fruit juice. Continue cooking for another 3 minutes, let swell and set aside at room temperature.
Mayo-black garlic emulsion: mix in a blender adding the black garlic then set aside in a pipette.

Chef’s advice

Langoustine contains many trace elements and vitamins, most in small amounts, but it is rich in copper, iodine, selenium, and vitamin B12. Copper contributes to good bone health, in association with calcium, and that of the heart and kidneys. It is rich in protein, but also in vitamin D, which is essential in humans.
It is strongly recommended during the winter. Indeed, these crustaceans make it possible to regulate our temperature throughout the day and therefore, to protect against the cold.