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Reebok cancels “Israel 68” sneaker celebrating Israel’s “independence”

Written by FDM

International sportswear maker Reebok has canceled and disgraced plans to launch a special edition sneaker to celebrate what Israel calls its “Independence Day.”

“Reebok would like to distance itself from the shoe,” the US-headquartered company told The Electronicintifada in an emailed statement on Tuesday. “The shoe was a one-off initiative from one of our consumers. We do not support this initiative.”

Ever since The Jerusalem Post announced on Monday the plans to release the sneaker with “Israel 68” emblazoned on the heel and auction it through Reebok Israel’s Facebook page, social media users had outrageous reactions and even called for boycotts of the company’s products.

Therefore Reebok, which is owned by Germany’s Adidas Group, added that its Israel distributor “has withdrawn its plans to auction off this shoe.”