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Raymonde El Bidaouia and Hajja El Hamdaouia duet expected at “Andalousies Atlantiques d’Essaouira” 

Written by FDM

Notice to music lovers. The city of Essaouira will host from October 25 to 28, the 15th edition of its Festival “Les Andalousies Atlantiques”. A hundred musicians and singers will revisit the Judeo-Arabic musical repertoire on this occasion.

12 colorful concerts will intersperse the Festival “Les Andalousies Atlantiques d’Essaouira”, with the aim of continuing to make the city trade winds, the place in the world where Jews and Muslims continue to hold hands. Live the moment and sing and dance together as they used to for centuries. This autumn event, inspired by Andalusia, a place and an era that has marked the history of Humanity, will thus offer 3 days of peace, love and music of artists of Jewish and Muslim confessions, in a friendly atmosphere, of feast and fraternity.

For this new edition, the team of Essaouira-Mogador Association has managed to gather an interesting lineup in the heart of Mogador to the delight of festival-goers.

This particular festival has this great feature to make us revisit the immense musical and artistic heritage written together, over the centuries, by Muslims and Jews musicians and poets . A real walk down memory lane that will alternately take accents of “Al Ala”, “Chaabi”, “Gharnati”, “Haouzi” and all the Andalusian music that’s been sustained throughout time.

One of the highlights of the event, is “Raymonde El Bidaouia and Hajja El Hamdaouia “, two icons of the Moroccan chaabi scene who have never sung together. It took Essaouira, with the strong commitment of Maestro Ahmed Cherkani at the head of his orchestra, to dare this unspeakable and improbable rendezvous, full of so many promises drawn from the exceptional richness of our diversity to us Moroccans, organizers explain.

Another highlight and novel moment  at the festival the groups “Hapiyout” and “Andalucious” which bring together thirty or so Jewish singers and musicians, and who will also be present on the same stage .

With MAP.