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Ramadan Table setting ideas

Written by FDM

Ramdan is a unique opportunity for evening gatherings with family and friends to break the fast.

It is therefore essential to pay close attention to the setting of the Ramadan table and the decoration of the house.  A way to display joy in welcoming the relatives and the sacred month.

Here are some simple ideas to apply such as having a few lanterns and turning them on at nightfall.

 Silver containers:

Presenting dates, dried fruits and nuts in individual silver containers would be such a beautiful addition to your table and will add a glamorous effect without giving away the Arabian feel.


Personalized Placemats

If you’re a fan of Arabic calligraphy or art, a creative way to decorate your Iftar table is to design your own placemats, or use the pre-existing designs online. If not, just consider mix-matching the same material with different colors.

The “Fanous”

It can be an appropriate centerpiece on your table during Ramadan. You can put it as a statement piece or pair it with some flowers to add a touch of elegance to your table.

The Candles

That’s a classic. To create a cozy feeling, purchase tiny candles and place them on the table next to the “fanous”.