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Ramadan Special Medical Caravan to target 25,000 people

Written by FDM

The special Ramadan medical caravan has been running since May 22 on the roads of Assa Zak, Guelmin and Tan Tan Provinces. The aim is to benefit 25,000 people care. An operation, supported by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, which continues until 7 June.

After Assa and Bouizakarne, the special Ramadan medical caravan goes to Asrir, Louatia and Tan Tan. Southern Provinces were targeted this year during the 4th edition of the operation led by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity. It aims to cater for the poor, especially the elderly, people with physical disabilities, women and children, by providing access to a medical offer of proximity that can benefit the greatest number, as the organization highlights in a release, setting a goal of 25,000 people to achieve.

Specifically, eight medical units were mobilized with the assistance of regional health delegations, medical associations partners, local authorities and the Phosboucraa Foundation. The staff consists of 50 people and offers a wide range of medical services from general and internal medicine, pediatrics, dental care and screening for a physical disability to make a suitable equipment.