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Ramadan: Donald Trump to host iftar dinner in White House

Written by FDM

After having abandoned it last year, US President Donald Trump decided to revive the tradition of his predecessors, Republicans as well as Democrats.

Like many traditions adopted and respected by White House guests, the  fast-breaking dinner, Iftar, however was dropped by Donald Trump in his first year of practice as president.

He has just decided to honor with this presidential tradition. “President Trump will host a dinner next week in honor of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, restoring a White House tradition he abandoned in his first year in office,” a senior official said Saturday, the New York Times reported. According to a White House official, the evening is scheduled for Wednesday, June 6.

The list of guests is however yet to be disclosed. The presidential election usually brings together prominent members of the Muslim community, diplomats and members of Congress, according toThe Hill.

This tradition started in 1996 with Bill Clinton, and continued with George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

In light of the holy month, Trump had relesed a statement on May 15 celebrating the start of Ramadan in the United States.”Ramadan reminds us of the richness Muslims add to the religious tapestry of American life” he said. “Our Constitution ensures Muslims can observe Ramadan in accordance with the dictates of conscience and unimpeded by government.” he added.