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Rainbow hair trend that Finally works for brunettes

Written by FDM

multicolored hair trends have been all the rage in 2015, and it goes just the same for this year. However season after season, brunettes have felt left out , since going from dark to complete pastel is way more of a process than it is from blond hair.

As of this season brunettes will no longer have to miss out on the fun, thanks to a new color technique for darker strands that makes your hair look iridescent. It’s called oil slick hair color.

While unicorn hair requires tons of bleaching (which damages your hair), oil slick hair needs much less work and looks just as amazing. The style applies cooler tones like dark blue, green, and purple over your dark hair giving it an iridescent look just like spilled oil on the road.

The bonus is that you can personalize the tones by making them more or less strong. If you have naturally dark hair, this is the perfect way to add a fun and unique color to your mane without much damage !

I could do hair like this forever

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