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Radia Cheikh Lahlou: “It is time to give real impetus to women’s cooperatives”

Written by FDM

Radia Cheikh Lahlou, co-founder of the Matyn initiative, CEO of Declic – CSR and change management, campaigns to give real impetus to women’s cooperatives.

“It is time to give real impetus to women’s cooperatives and finally recognize the importance of their social impacts. Indeed, many studies have shown that an economically independent woman prioritizes her spending on the education and health of her children. In other words, it is a positive agent and an essential relay in a society. Unfortunately, before the crisis engendered by Covid-19, the situation of women’s cooperatives was already very difficult, despite the many existing support mechanisms … but fragmented. We can therefore imagine that these difficulties will intensify. To face it, several actions must be put in place. Dynamics that will not, however, contrast with those already necessary before the crisis. The only difference is the urgency.

Clearly, what real attention do we want to pay to women’s cooperatives? How can we translate our commitment to solidarity so that it creates value over time? To support these women with ancestral know-how, a real institutional awareness is needed, development of responsible local purchasing, an upgrade of social and solidarity economy products both in terms of certification quality, and consumer awareness. Because the solidarity purchase is not a sub-purchase. On the contrary, it is a purchase of civic utility and generator of values, both economic and social. But, in my opinion, whatever initiative is launched, to be effective, it must “attack” the system and not be satisfied with symbols. We can no longer afford to fill in gaps given the important role of women in our society. ”