Quinoa Taboulé with olive oil

Written by FDM

This is revisited Taboulé with an added touch of sweetness. 


– 300 g of quinoa (red and white)

– 1 bunch of parsley

– 1 bunch of coriander

– 1/2 mango

– 1 kiwi

– 1 lime

– 1 yellow lemon

– Candied tomatoes

– Noor Fès olive oil

– Flower of salt

– Freshly ground pepper


Cook the quinoa in boiling water. Chop parsley and coriander. Cut the mango and the kiwi in small brunoise. Zester and squeeze the lemons. Crush the candied tomatoes.

Mix 150 g of white quinoa and 150 g of red quinoa in a bowl. Add mango, kiwi, tomato confit herbs and lemon zest. Put Noor Fez olive oil and lemon juice (according to taste). Season with the pepper of the mill and the fleur de sel.

Chef’s tip:

Dress with a round or square cookie cutter. Recipe from Chef Taki Kabbaj (Restaurant Le Rouget de L’Isle)