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Quarantine: National Union of Women of Morocco mobilizes to help female victims of violence

Written by FDM

The National Union of Women of Morocco (UNFM) has announced its mobilization during this quarantine period to help women victims of violence.

Given the constraints linked to compulsory sanitary confinement, the National Union of Women of Morocco (UNFM) announced, in a press release, that it had taken a certain number of measures to help women victims of violence during this period.

Among these, awareness-raising on the use of the “Kolonamaak” platform (“We are all with you”), launched at the end of January. This device will support women and girls, victims of violence, during the quarantine period, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, through a listening platform via a direct number (the 8350) and a smartphone application to download for free. on AppStore or PlayStore.

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The association chaired by Princess Lalla Meryem has also launched a national network of remote psychological and social monitoring, by activating 12 listening cells in all regions of the Kingdom.

This network, launched in partnership with the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of Rabat, is made up of specialists in the field of psychology, sociology, family mediation, and social workers. A map listing all the numbers and timetables detailed according to the services requested is available on the UNFM website.

الاتحاد الوطني لنساء المغرب يطلق شبكة وطنية للمواكبة النفسية والاجتماعية عن بعد ☎️، بشراكة مع كلية الآداب والعلوم…

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Thursday, March 26, the Alternative Movement for Individual Liberties (MALI) launched an alert on domestic violence against women who are at higher risk during this period of compulsory confinement.

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