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Protest: Activists call for looser abortion regulations in Rabat

Written by FDM

Several abortion activists responded on June 25 to the appeal of the Moroccan Association to Combat Clandestine Abortions (Amlac) and gathered in front of the Parliament in Rabat to demand the revision of the law on the voluntary abortion.

On June 25, supporters of abortion demonstrated in front of the parliament in Rabat at the urging of the Moroccan Association to Combat Clandestine Abortions (Amlac) to call for looser abortion regulations recalling the urgency of the matter.

Messages like “200,000 clandestine abortions a year”, “26 abandoned babies per day” were written in large letters on banners, and several dolls placed on the ground on which “Article 453” is marked, a reference to the Penal Code article on the punishment of abortion except in certain cases.

In fact, 600 to 800 clandestine abortions are practiced every day in Morocco, as pro-abortion associations continue to point out. Yet a bill on the legalization of abortion in some cases exists but has been dragging on since its adoption in June 2016 by the Governing Council. It is still stuck in the legislative circuit …