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How to protect our youth from radicalization, the debate at Café Politis 

Written by FDM

Café Politis organized yesterday Wednesday, January 23 a meeting debate on a topical issue, namely How to protect our youth against radicalization. The intense debate brought together a high-quality panel representing cultural, family, religious and security points of view with Chanthalangsy Phinith of the UNESCO Office in Rabat, Soad Begdouri El Khammal, Moulay Abdellah Cherif Ouazzani and the Divisional Commissioner representing the DGNS.

Initiated by the activist Ahmed Ghayat, this monthly event focused the meeting of January on the theme of radicalization, and how to protect our youth. How to fight against terrorism? How to preserve our youth from radicalization? Today many specialists agree that the radicalization of spirits is most often via the Internet …

The “hate recruiters” use the most popular means of communication within the youth to do their job of recruitment …  Also they make sure to scout some “on the ground”, especially where there is exclusion of the most vulnerable young people who can be sensitive to their speech.

How, again, to protect our youth, not to let it face the emptiness, not to leave the ground free to those who know how to speak to them, to promise them, to lie to them, to sell them fantasies … how to surround our youngsters by a “security belt” facing this danger?

These are all questions that the exceptional awareness meeting Café Politis, had brilliantly succeeded to discuss throughout 2 hours of debate, enhanced by a panel of high quality and an public eager to have a better understanding.