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Prominent punk figure Beth Ditto performs in Jazzablanca 

The 13th edition of Jazzablanca Festival made news when the arrival of the American singer Beth Ditto  was announced. The remarkable figure of rock / punk, performed at the Anfa stage on Tuesday, April 17, in front of thrilled fans who have been waiting ever since Jannuary. 

Jazzablanca festival has hit the jackpot inviting the audience to the exceptional concert, for the first time in Morocco, by American singer Beth Ditto, thefigurehead of one of the most popular bands of her generation.
At the head of The Gossip from 1999 to 2016, she led the group to stardom with the albums That’s Not What I Heard (2001) then Movement (2003). The third installment released by independent Kill Rock Stars in 2006, Standing in the Way of Control, brings international recognition to the band, consolidated by pioneering concerts. When her celebrity surpassed that of her band, Beth Ditto decides to go solo.
Festival goers have vibrated to the sounds of her first solo single in 2017 Fire, along with other songs from her first solo album Fake Sugar.