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Prix Renaudot Finals: Leila Slimani’s “Sexe et Mensonges” voted out,  Mahi Binebine’s “Le Fou du Roi” stays 

Written by FDM

Leila Slimani has been casted out in the second round of Renaudot Prize selections, France’s prestigious literary award, while novelist Mahi Binebine’s “Le Fou du Roi” has made it to the finals.

One month after releasing the list of candidates in the running for the Renaudot Prize, the jury announced the names of the authors selected for the second round. For this second list, Morocco is represented henceforth by only one candidate, Mahi Binebine.

9 novels and 4 essays, are the exact number of works competing for the second round of the Renaudot Prize. The list of candidates tightens with the elimination of great figures of literature such as Alice Zeniter, François Henri Deserable or Leila Slimani.

Leila Slimani’s essay is the only item in the category of essays to leave the competition in this second round leaving only one Moroccan candidate: Mahi Binebine, with his novel « Le fou du roi ». The novel recounts how Binebine’s father was loyal to the king and had rejected his son, Aziz, a soldier who participated in the 1971 coup attempt and was imprisoned in Morocco’s most brutal prison, Tazmamart.

The third and final selection will be unveiled on October 31. The ceremony will take place on November 6, in parallel with the Prix Goncourt.