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 Princess Lalla Salma’s chic look goes viral 

Written by FDM

Princess Lalla Salma, President of the Lalla Salma Foundation- Prevention and Treatment of Cancers, presided on Wednesday in Marrakech, the celebration of the National Day of the Fight against cancer.

Like every one of her appearances, Princess Lalla Salma made quite a sensation at the latest event organized in Palais des Congrès in Marrakech. Her elegant attire was received with admiration by attendees as well as Moroccan social media users.

The event started with a presentation by Princess Lalla Salma’s foundation discussing the recommendations of the symposium “Breast Cancer in Morocco: a Global Approach,” organized in Marrakech on November 21 and 22. Meanwhile, Christopher Wild, Director of the International Center for Cancer Research in Lyon, hosted a conference on “Breast Cancer: A Major and International Challenge”, as reported by the Map.

Lalla Salma then awarded the international prize for the fight against cancer to Professor Claude Chardot, a pioneer in the fight against cancer in France, who actively participated in the creation of Rabat’s National Institute of Oncology.

Princess Lalla Salma also handed the national prize for fight against cancer to Pr. Hassan Errihani, one of Morocco’s leading oncologists.

The ceremony concluded with an exceptional concert by the Deutsche Philharmonie Merck.