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Princess Lalla Salma on 10 years with her Foundation’s fight Against Cancer

Written by FDM

Celebrating the incredible achievements accomplished by Princess Lalla Salma’s Foundation in its fight Against Cancer, and that for the last 10 years, Her Highness candidly shared in a video the successful journey that this noble cause has been through, and all the lives that were supported and keep on being taken care of.

Aside from the testimonies delivered by some of the key members of Princess Lalla Salma’s Foundation fight Against Cancer, and a few patienst, the video featured Her Highness’s kind words on hers and the foundation’s immense efforts.

And here is their English translation.

“From the start, we had a clear vision, a precise objective and a long-term strategy. We announced the national program in the fight against cancer. We had a principal, primordial and unique goal; putting the patient at the heart of our actions.”

“The recovery and healing of the patients remains our main goal. It is without a doubt, the most beautiful gift. When we visit patients who are sick, when we witness children heal and go back to school, when a mother reunites with her children, or when a father returns to his daily life and takes back his responsibilities and role, you cannot imagine the emotions that overtake us, and the energy that those visits fills us with.”

“The results that we have accomplished so far are the product of partnerships and a global mobilization of all the parties involved: civilians, ministers, local authorities, media, private enterprises, citizens, doctors, and administrative staff. All their efforts combined, have been going towards the same objective. And, this is a particularity in Morocco, which we are proud of. This is what has allowed us to obtain these results in such a short period of time.”

“Nothing is easy. The foundation has faced obstacles, difficulties, and challenges. There have been tears, sleepless nights, and there were problems. But thank God we’ve had the motivation to keep on going forward.”

“Morocco has made considerable progress. We have accomplished, thank God, our ambitions and our objectives. With the help and solidarity of everyone, everything is possible”.