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Princess Lalla Meryem: “My status as a princess has never stopped me from being a committed activist” 

Written by FDM

Princess Lalla Meryem, President of the National Union of Women of Morocco (UNFM), presided over the ceremony on March 8 to celebrate International Women’s Day at the Mohammed VI Conference Center in Marrakech.

“The Moroccan woman has seen her condition evolve significantly in various areas, where she has managed to garner tangible achievements ,”   the Princess Lalla Meryem announced to attendees while presiding the ceremony. This year, the event held at the Mohammed VI Conference Center in Marrakech was organized around the theme:”The dignity of women, between violence and precariousness”.

“These rights have not been granted or acknowledged, as in many countries; they are, on the contrary, the fruit of the militant action and the sacrifices made by successive generations of women,” said Princess Lalla Meryem. “They have thus contributed their stone to building this modern Morocco,” she insisted, before indicating that ” His Majesty the King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, does all he can to guarantee full enjoyment of rights to women, improve their situation and open up promising prospects for their future,” because his Majesty “aspires for the Moroccan woman to attain a status comparable to that of her counterparts in most advanced countries “.

Her Royal Highness also admitted that her status as a princess “has never been an obstacle for me to live and fully realize my mission as a committed activist, more specifically in promoting the rights of women and children. And if it has always been this way, it is because the problems of the Moroccans are important to me, as I am myself dealing with the same personal and family concerns.”