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Princess Lalla Hasnaa in Toronto: “The voice of women must be heard …”

Written by FDM

The life-changing potential of female leadership is “a major asset in global climate action,” said Princess Lalla Hasnaa, Chair of the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment.

Princess Lalla Hasnaaa paid a warm tribute to the struggle of women in Global South, especially the struggle of African woman. “Women are witnessing this every day through their commitment, perseverance and achievements on the ground. And I want to pay tribute in this regard to the struggle of women in the Global South, especially the struggle of the African woman, ” she said in an address to” Women’s Forum Canada 2018 “.

The forum is being held on May 10-11 with the theme “Bridging the Gap: A G7 Call for Inclusive Progress”. The princess stressed that “women’s action guarantees and maintains collective vigilance, to call and remind that the commitment of States to the climate must continue and be executed”.

“The voice of women must be heard. It is a requirement of justice and equality. It is also an imperative of efficiency, because experience shows that progress, and even inclusive or sustainable progress, can’t happen without women being actors and beneficiaries,”  Princess Lalla Hasnaa insisted.

Moreover, the Princess added in the same respect, that women, who are at the heart of issues related to climate, the protection of the oceans and the development of clean energy, can bring a unique perspective and approaches to action, that are original and effective, which makes them, first and foremost, actors of change.

She concluded by expressing her full support for the values of the Women’s Forum and praised the action and the struggles of its members to listen to the words of women, promote their leadership and achieve inclusive development.