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Princess Lalla Hasnaa chaired the Fez Festival of the World’s Sacred Music opening

Written by FDM

Princess Lalla Hasnaa chaired on Friday, June 14 in Fes, the opening ceremony of the 25th Fes Festival of the World’s Sacred Music.

Princess Lalla Hasnaa attended the inaugural concert, an original creation entitled “Fez, the memory of the future”, which reflects the sacred and spiritual dimension of the Fez Medina while highlighting the authentic traditions of Morocco and its links with several countries.

Many Moroccan artists, bearing the Arab, Andalusian, Amazigh and Jewish heritage, have highlighted the cultural diversity embodied by the complexity of the medina’s streets, a symbolic representation of the geography of the spirit and travel. Songs from Senegal, honoring the brotherhood Tijanniya, came to remind this other trait of the identity of Fez, African.

The designers of this work wanted to highlight the influence of the City which is during the time nourished and represented by pilgrims and illustrious nomadic travelers. In their footsteps, the creation visited the Sufi confraternities of Senegal as well as the holy city of Al-Quds, where a large number of Sufis were established.

Persian, Armenian, Tunisian, Palestinian or Omani artists illustrated the influence of an Islamic and scholarly culture of which Fez was one of the main cradles, notably through the notoriety of its Al Quaraouiyine University.

Designed and directed by the artistic director of the festival, Alain Weber, this new scenography has made the audience penetrate the heart of the alleys of a medina, whose memory can be the source of a creative, spiritual and fulfilled future.

The particular configuration of the site of Bab Al Makina allowed the clever exploitation of the “mapping” technique and the staging. Beyond the gigantic ramparts, each musical sequence was carried by fairy images, without corrupting the very essence of these traditions.

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