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Prince Harry breaks fast with Muslims in Singapore 

Written by FDM

Britain’s Prince Harry opened his visit to Singapore by breaking fast with local Muslims on Sunday Jun 4.

During his trip to Singapore, Prince Harry visited Jamiyah Singapore, an organization for the protection of the Muslim religion in the city-state of Southeast Asia. In addition to breaking the fast of Ramadan with the Muslim community, the Prince paid tribute to the victims of the London bombing from Singapore.

Indeed, he attended a ceremony during which everyone prayed for the victims and relatives of the attack on Saturday 3 June. According to The Telegraph, Muhammad Rafiuddin, who is the secretary general of the organization, spoke of the London bombing before breaking the fast and the call to prayer. « Our thoughts go to the families of the victims of the London terrorist attack of last night, » he said.

Prince Harry breaks fast with Muslims in Singapore

WATCH: A traditional Malay welcome for Prince Harry before he breaks fast with Muslims at Jamiyah Singapore.

Publié par Channel NewsAsia sur dimanche 4 juin 2017