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Pregnant woman in severe pain kills herself after being denied c-section by her family

Written by FDM

In China, a 27 year-old pregnant woman took away her life after she’s been denied a caesarean section.

The 27-year-old woman, identified only as Ma, was suffering from unbearable pain after going into labour. She’s been told by doctors « the large foetal head circumference meant that vaginal delivery would have been very risky », according to the China Economic Daily newspaper. There for, a surgical intervention was needed.

However in China,  the law dictates that medical professionals seek the approval of family members before carrying out major surgery. In this case, family members of Ma said « they understood, but refused the surgery, and wanted to keep the situation under observation. » Videos of the hospital’s surveillance cameras show Ma kneeling in pain and praying for help.

But her husband, identified only as « Yan », told the Beijing Youth Daily: « We did not disagree to a caesarean. »He said became worried when his wife left the ward twice in pain, and asked doctors to find someone « familiar with caesarean procedures ».

But shortly afterwards, the wife disappeared. She was later found dead after jumping from the hospital room killing herself and her unborn child. The hospital has also posted a document signed by Ma and her husband which states that they know the risks involved but still want the delivery to be natural. An investigation was opened to determine the responsibility of each in this terrible tragedy.