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“Prête-moi Ton Rêve”: Pan-African exhibition to showcase eminent artists from the continent

Written by FDM

“Prête-moi Ton Rêve”  exhibition was inaugurated on June 18th at the Les Villa d’Anfa in Casablanca. It is a large-scale pan-African exhibition bringing together thirty renowned artists from the continent or the diaspora, who embody the artistic vitality and cultural diversity of contemporary Africa.

The large-scale itinerant artistic project, “Prête-moi Ton Rêve” (Lend Me Your Dream), launched by the Foundation for the Development of Contemporary African Culture (FDCCA) was inaugurated on June 18th in Casablanca. The exhibition will then travel through five African countries before returning to Morocco, by unveiling works signed by 29 African recognized artists throughout the world. Many unpublished pieces will be displayed, including the ones created during artistic residencies in Casablanca while others will be loaned by artists and galleries.

According to the gallery’s statement, the aim of the exhibition is to show African audiences a selection of eminent artists from the continent; artists generally better known in Paris, London or New York than in Casablanca, Lagos or Addis Ababa. The exhibition aims to broaden the access of audiences and collectors in Africa, to some of the creators who count in the history and news of the visual arts in Africa and around the world.

At each stop, “Prête-moi Ton Rêve” will include four events: the main exhibition, a tribute to an artist, an exhibition “Carte Blanche” dedicated to some artists of the country and supported by a young resident curator and also round tables on specific themes related to the event calendar.

The program will be concluded by a documentary that will showcase the highlights of the event and a monograph containing in photos and texts the best of “Prête-moi Ton Rêve”.