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 “Pour la cause” premieres in Casablanca (photos)

Written by FDM

Moroccan director Hassan Benjelloun presented his movie at the premiere for “Pour la cause” last night in Casablanca.

“Pour la cause” tells the story of a young Palestinian musician (Ramzi Makdessi) living in Spain and a French singer of Jewish religion (Julie Dry), who came to Morocco from Barcelona in hopes of crossing Algeria via the border to animate a concert in Oran before going to Tunisia for the same purpose. However, due to the legal procedures at the border, the two young people will experience a difficult time all night.

The 93-minute film depicts Moroccan solidarity with the Palestinian cause and recounts the events through “flashbacks” retracing Karim’s childhood, and the suffering and repression endured because of the Israeli occupation.

The main roles of the film were interpreted by the Palestinian Ramzi Makdisi, the French Julie Dry, and the Moroccans Abderrahim El Menyari, Hassan Bdida, Abdelghani Sannak, Mohammed Haraga, Aicha Mahamah, Farah Alwan and the young actress Sandya Tajeddine.

The scenes of the film were shot in several areas located between Jomaat Oulad Abbou and Bir Jdid, as well as in Settat, Casablanca, Fez and Barcelona.