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Post-COVID media discussed by 5 female personalities from the sector

Written by FDM

“How do you imagine the post-COVID media? »10 media professionals (5 women and 5 men) provide relevant answers to this question asked by Mohamed Douyeb, founder of Le Media. The result is a collection that comes at the right time to enlighten us on the future of the media.

The media sector is facing hardships all over the world. And the Covid-19 crisis has only accentuated the difficulties. The initiative of journalist and columnist Mohamed Douyeb is innovative in this regard because influential media professionals are the ones who draw the contours of this world.

In his approach, the founder of Le Media has ensured exemplary parity. There are therefore 5 women and 5 men, influential figures in the media landscape who analyzed the challenges of the crisis and proposed avenues for recovery. The exercise was not easy, but the response of each and every one of the speakers gives us an overview of what needs to be done and what is essential to undertake to provide new vigor to the media sector.

Among the 5 female personalities to have shed light on “Le Media après”, there is Latifa Akharbach, president of the HACA, Aziza Naït Sibaha, editor in chief France 24, Nadia Salah, editorial director of the Eco Group -Media, Samira Sitaïl, journalist and former director of information at 2M and Fathia Elaouni, editor-in-chief of Radio 2M. On the men’s side, Mohamed Douyeb invited  Khalil Hachimi IdrissI, CEO of Agence MAP, Naceureddine Elafrit, co-founder of Medias24, Saâd Benmansour, publication director of ALM and La Vie Eco, Abdelmalek Alaoui, editorialist and Driss Ksikes, writer and director of HEM research center. The insights from contributors to the book are rich and inspiring and should challenge the entire sector and spark a fascinating debate.

First published on Le Media’s social networks, the collection was then published in paper format with the support of Agence MAP, in the edition of the daily Le Matin, dated July 27, 2020.

Download the collection “Le Média après?” available on